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From:Yoed Anis Date:March 23 2004 5:58pm
Subject:Selecting a Column
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I have a table that looks like this:
CREATE TABLE inventory (
inventoryid int(11) NOT NULL,
sunday int(3),
monday int(3),
tuesday int(3),
wednesday int(3),
thursday int(3),
friday int(3),
saturday int(3),
PRIMARY KEY (inventoryid)

And I'm trying to run a command like 

SELECT DAYNAME('2004-03-23') FROM inventoryRoom WHERE inventoryid='1';

That doesn't return "Tuesday", but the value in the column Tuesday, an
int of value 10.

I need something like
SELECT COLUMN(DAYNAME('2004-03-23')) FROM inventoryRoom WHERE

But I don't know what command I'm looking for and all my searchs have
come up fruitless.
Plz CC this to my address if you reply.


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