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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 1999 8:49am
Subject:Manual is incorrect
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>>>>> "root" == root  <root@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
root> 	The manual (the html version anyway) says that all the files called
root>         *.ISM and *.ISD can be deleted from the mysql directory. It claims
root>         they can be recreated by running scripts/mysql_install_db. THIS IS
root>         NOT CORRECT. If these files are deleted, scripts/mysql_install_db
root>         does not recreate them and msqld will not restart. The only way
root>         to get things working again is to delete the entire distribution
root>         and re-install from scratch. This is no use if there is any data
root>         obviously. The incorrect text can be found at the end of section 6.10.
root>         The daemon will not restart because it cannot find the file host.ISM.

>> How-To-Repeat:
root> 	cd MYSQL_HOME/var/mysql
root>         rm *.ISD *.ISM
>> Fix:
root> 	Delete the incorrect instructions from the manual. Provide a script
root>         or proper instructions to delete users/permissions. The workaround
root>         is to delete the entire mysql directory rather than just the ISM and
root>         ISD files. This seems to work but may cause other problems.


You are right;  We changed the mysql_install_db in 3.22.10;
I have now updated the manual;  The correct procedure is to also
remove the .frm files!

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