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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 17 1999 8:09pm
Subject:Re: MYODBC RPM
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>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Khera <khera@stripped> writes:

>>>>> "NT" == Nopchai Tangtritham <nung@stripped> writes:
NT> Is it the limitation.. for RPM user that couldn't use myODBC? .. If
NT> not, how can I install MyODBC from source? .. 

Vivek> I was hoping to find a MyODBC RPM as well... Anyone have one around?


David will look at this after he comes home from his conference in

The next MyODBC version will also not need to access the MySQL source
(It will however need the MySQL 3.23 include files...)

Until this one has to install the MySQL source RPM.

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