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From:Matt W Date:March 20 2004 10:57pm
Subject:Re: Stored Procs and Commit/Rollback Transactions
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Hi Laphan,

(I'm sending this to the general list too, since this isn't Windows
specific and more people will see it.)

MySQL 5.0, which is an early Alpha, does now support stored procedures.

And MySQL also supports transactions with the InnoDB (most common) and
BDB table types.  MyISAM doesn't.

Hope that helps.


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From: "Laphan"
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 5:19 PM
Subject: Stored Procs and Commit/Rollback Transactions

> Hi All
> OK I admit it I'm a complete MSV (MySQL Virgin), so I might be asking
> very stupid questions!!!
> I'm used to SQL Server so I think I should have a basic understanding,
> I'm sure you'll tell me different!!
> Basically I just want to confirm that the latest release of MySQL
> offer stored procs or commit/rollback functionality - right?
> How does a MySQL-er get round this?
> I'm wanting to develop my ASP/Cart with MySQL as the back-bone and I'm
> trying to find out what the generic do's and dont's are when using
> collaboration.
> Any feedback would be very much appreciated.
> Rgds
> Laphan

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