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From:Arjun Subramanian Date:March 19 2004 1:55am
Subject:Migrating Access databases to MySQL
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Hello people ! I was hoping for some wisdom from the good folks on this
list about moving databases from access to MySQL.

I am aware of the brute force method of exporting in CSV format or tab
delimited formats and using mysqlimport to move the tables. 

1. I was wondering if there was a way to dump access databases in SQL
queries like the mysqldump utility does ?

2. When exporting tab delimited values from access and using mysqlimport
everything works fine except date columns. All the data moves except the
date field which shows up zero's I mysql after I use mysqlimport. Does
anyone have a clue on what might be happening?

3. Is there any way other than downloading some shareware third party
programs to transfer my databases from access to MySQL ?

I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks to everyone in advance !

Arjun Subramanian
Georgia Tech Station 32003
Atlanta GA 30332
Cell: +404.429.5513
"I'm MySQL certified. Are you?"

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From: Casey Sheridan [mailto:casey@stripped] 
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To: mysql@stripped
Subject: writing queries to get distinct results

I have a table that has employee names, pay rates, and unique IDs.  I
to select all of the distinct employee names, and if there are two
with the same name, I want to be able to choose only one; the one with
highest pay rate.  If there are two identical employee names with the
pay rate, I want to select the one that has the lowest unique ID number.
Can anyone help me on how to write this query?   Thanks!
-Casey Sheridan

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