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From:Alan Williamson Date:March 18 2004 9:25am
Subject:Re: MyISAM vs. INNODB for a single blob table
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Thanks for that Chris, interesting thoughts.

For clarification, there is *NO* UPDATEs running on this table. Not a 
single one! :)  Many more SELECTs than INSERTs

Chris Nolan wrote:
> Alan Williamson wrote:
>> A quick question for the hardcore MySQL experts out there.
>> I have a simple table;
>> -------------------
>> ID varchar (PK)
>> DATA longblob
>> -------------------
>> This table is a simple persistence cache for one of our servers. It 
>> regularly INSERTs and SELECTs into this table data of approximately 
>> 2KB - 200KB, although the majority of inserts are around the 2KB mark.
>> No fancy queries are ever performed, merely a single SELECT on a given 
>> key and no range queries are ever done.
>> So with that in mind, I just noticed the table was created as a 
>> MyISAM.   In your experience how does this compare to a table using 
>> INNODB? Should it have been created as a INNODB for better performance?
>> Any thoughts, insights, would be listened to intensely! :)
>> thanks
> How often are DELETE and UPDATE statements executed on this table?
> MyISAM is damned quick when it comes to workloads that always result in 
> INSERTs ending up at the end of the tablespace. As MyISAM can allow 
> SELECTs to execute while INSERTs are in progress at the end of the table 
> (i.e When no DELETEs have been issued) thanks to it's versioning you'll 
> find that thousands of queries a second is quite doable on modest hardware.
> That said, InnoDB's speed defies belief. Given that it's multiversioned, 
> transactional and able to lock at the row level the fact that it's even 
> in the same leauge as MyISAM performance-wise for these sorts of loads 
> is impressive. When you have UPDATEs flying around, InnoDB may edge 
> MyISAM out for heavy workloads. Many places have moved to InnoDB due to 
> concurrency issues of that type.
> In summary, test test test!

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