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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 17 1999 11:08am
Subject:Segmentation fault from mysqld while using outfile in mysql
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>>>>> "hiddinkg" == hiddinkg  <hiddinkg@stripped> writes:

>> Description:
hiddinkg> mysqld crashes with a segmentation fault when it is sent
hiddinkg> a "outfile" command with option "fields terminated by ''"

>> How-To-Repeat:
hiddinkg> 	send the following queries in mysql:

hiddinkg> create table bug (id integer not null primary key, a_blob mediumblob);
hiddinkg> insert into bug values (1, "something");
hiddinkg> select a_blob from bug where id=1 into outfile '/tmp/bug' fields terminated
hiddinkg> by '';

>> Fix:

hiddinkg> fix unknown, avoid the use of empty escape characters

hiddinkg> gcc version 2.8.0


The problem is that if try to write to a file without 'fields
terminated by', then MySQL assumes you want to write with fixed record
length.  There was a bug where MySQL, in this case, filled an internal
buffer with 2^24 space.

The following fix changes the behaveour of MySQL so that if you use a
blob, mediumblob or longblob, then it will never assume fixed file


Segmentation fault from mysqld while using outfile in mysqlhiddinkg14 Oct
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