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From:Daevid Vincent Date:March 17 2004 2:46am
Subject:RE: Wish List of Features
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Daevid Vincent

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> Subject: Wish List of Features
> I downloaded MySQL and began playing with it.  It is a very 
> impressive 
> program and many awards should go to everyone who has ever worked on 
> this project.  :-)
> Since I'm mainly just playing around with the server right 
> now I could 
> never be considered a real user until I've created a few 
> databases and 
> have gotten into the feel of MySQL.  Still, after having 
> played with it 
> (and mysqlcc) for a while - there were a few things I wanted to ask 
> about.  Especially since these features might already exist 
> and I just 
> haven't gotten to them in the MySQL book.  (I'm using the 
> Paul DuBois book.)
> I used to use FoxBase+ quite a bit and eventually, where I 
> work, I wrote 
> several database applications using my own code.  One of the things I 
> found very useful was:
> 1. LIST STRUCTURE.  Which would dump an exact copy of the 
> commands used 
> to create a table in a database.  Thus, in MySQL, this command would 
> display the correctly coded CREATE TABLE command for each 
> table.  This 
> command used to be in FoxBase+ and I have found it very 
> useful several 
> times.  I know about the SHOW COLUMNS command - it is not the same 
> although I could write some code to extract it and then create the 
> CREATE TABLE command from it.  (This is just one of those ease of 
> use/convience things.)
> The second thing I can not figure out, is how to rearrange my 
> entries in 
> the table.  In MySQLCC, I can not find any command which will 
> allow me 
> to move items up and down in the list.  Granted that, if 
> there is data 
> in the database, this could cause problems - but if you are 
> just trying 
> to set up a database and you go "Oops!  I forgot to put in X" 
> - you can 
> not put X anywhere except at the very bottom of the list.  So my next 
> thing is a question:
> 2. Is there a way to reorganize your table's layout in 
> MySQLCC?  Or do I 
> have to delete the entire table and start over?
> Again, I am pulling from my FoxBase+ background.  In FoxBase+ you can 
> insert new fields into the table and what it would do in the 
> background 
> is to change the name of the table to a temporary name, build the new 
> field list, and then port the old table over to the new one 
> and get rid 
> of the temporary table.  This is (again) an ease of use/convience 
> thing.  A script could be written to do this I suppose but then I'd 
> still have to create the new table, get out of mysqlcc, run 
> the script, 
> and then get back in again.  It would be nicer if mysqlcc had 
> this built 
> in.  (I hope!  :-) )
> TIA! To whomever answers this message.  :-)
> Mark
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