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From:David Griffiths Date:March 16 2004 9:17pm
Subject:Re: Wish List of Features
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1) Try, SHOW CREATE TABLE table_name from the mysql client utility. It will
give you a create-table command.

In MySQL Control Center, you can do the same thing, but for all tables at
once. Select the database with your tables, and open the tree. Right click
on the Tables item, and choose, Tools->Show Create and then select one,
some, or all of the tables in the dialog that pops up.

2) That would be a useful feature for tables without alot of data, but if
you have a few gig in your database, or had limited disk space, or had a
busy server, it could be a disaster. Table order is nice, but try not to be
too anal about it :) Most databases won't let you do that.


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Subject: Wish List of Features

> I downloaded MySQL and began playing with it.  It is a very impressive
> program and many awards should go to everyone who has ever worked on
> this project.  :-)
> Since I'm mainly just playing around with the server right now I could
> never be considered a real user until I've created a few databases and
> have gotten into the feel of MySQL.  Still, after having played with it
> (and mysqlcc) for a while - there were a few things I wanted to ask
> about.  Especially since these features might already exist and I just
> haven't gotten to them in the MySQL book.  (I'm using the Paul DuBois
> I used to use FoxBase+ quite a bit and eventually, where I work, I wrote
> several database applications using my own code.  One of the things I
> found very useful was:
> 1. LIST STRUCTURE.  Which would dump an exact copy of the commands used
> to create a table in a database.  Thus, in MySQL, this command would
> display the correctly coded CREATE TABLE command for each table.  This
> command used to be in FoxBase+ and I have found it very useful several
> times.  I know about the SHOW COLUMNS command - it is not the same
> although I could write some code to extract it and then create the
> CREATE TABLE command from it.  (This is just one of those ease of
> use/convience things.)
> The second thing I can not figure out, is how to rearrange my entries in
> the table.  In MySQLCC, I can not find any command which will allow me
> to move items up and down in the list.  Granted that, if there is data
> in the database, this could cause problems - but if you are just trying
> to set up a database and you go "Oops!  I forgot to put in X" - you can
> not put X anywhere except at the very bottom of the list.  So my next
> thing is a question:
> 2. Is there a way to reorganize your table's layout in MySQLCC?  Or do I
> have to delete the entire table and start over?
> Again, I am pulling from my FoxBase+ background.  In FoxBase+ you can
> insert new fields into the table and what it would do in the background
> is to change the name of the table to a temporary name, build the new
> field list, and then port the old table over to the new one and get rid
> of the temporary table.  This is (again) an ease of use/convience
> thing.  A script could be written to do this I suppose but then I'd
> still have to create the new table, get out of mysqlcc, run the script,
> and then get back in again.  It would be nicer if mysqlcc had this built
> in.  (I hope!  :-) )
> TIA! To whomever answers this message.  :-)
> Mark
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