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From:Martijn Tonies Date:March 15 2004 8:41am
Subject:Re: Mysql Eval Information
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First, please do not prioritize any emails to a mailinglist. It might be
"high priority" to you, it isn't for the mailinglist readers who are
supposed to respond. It's not good mailinglist-etiquette.

> I am evaluating mysql. Can you please tell the following info related to
Oracle MysqlConversion..
> * Decision making steps to decide if an oracle database can be moved to
MySql or not

Of course this highly depends on your application needs. MySQL
does have transactions and foreign keys with the InnoDB table
type, but doesn't have CHECK constraints.

It also doesn't have triggers, or a stable (MySQL 5 is in early
Alpha) Stored Procedure implementation. So if you're using those,
you're out of luck or you need to convert them to application
code or middle tier code.

As far as I know, it also doesn't have automatic build in scheduling,
so if you're using Oracle jobs, you need to work around that too.

Are there any specific things you want to know about?

> * List of things to be cautious about before developing new applications
on MySql database

Read the docs on column types, automatic type conversions
and this one as well:

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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