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From:Jeff Mathis Date:March 4 2004 11:48pm
Subject:Re: Querying serveral databases (Views?)
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in case someone hasn't answered you yet..

do you know that you can specify a database.tablename.column syntax in 
your queries to go across multiple databases?

Daniel Ek wrote:
> Dear list,
> I wish to know if anyone have any experience in querying several 
> databases at the same time.  Today the company that I work for have 
> about three different databases and I really feel that's fine because of 
> the logic around it. We have one Customer database with customerData 
> table, CustomerProducts table and so on, and two other Productspecific 
> ones.
> I feel the information logic in having multiple databases are obvious 
> but are there any way to use like pgsql views over several databases in 
> Mysql? If not, can anyone please advice me to either when such a 
> function will be implemented, or other solutions to the problem? And 
> with that I don't mean the "make more connections" fix, since I don't 
> feel it's a neat way to solve it.
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Daniel Ek

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