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From:Daevid Vincent Date:March 4 2004 11:43pm
Subject:How can I disable 'max_connect_errors'?
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Is there a way to disable this 'max_connect_errors' thing?

Tried "max_connect_errors=0" but then it shows up as "max_connect_errors=1"

What is the 'max' that this value can be in case?
We have it set to 10,000 now, but that only buys us time.

When is this counter reset? 
Is it ongoing until a "FLUSH HOSTS"? 
Is it until mysql is restarted? 
Is it something else?

Daevid Vincent.

How can I disable 'max_connect_errors'?Daevid Vincent5 Mar
  • Re: How can I disable 'max_connect_errors'?Sasha Pachev5 Mar