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From:< Date:March 3 2004 7:05pm
Subject:Re: Re: PgSQL vs MySQL
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> I do not approve or disapprove of your choice of Postgres over MySQL.

I don't profess to be a postgresql expert, i'm still learning about it.. but a quick
glance at the documentation tells me that the only option would be to use pg_dump utility
which creates a sql file.  I haven't looked at one of these files but I guess to do a
point in time recovery you would delete all of the sql after that PIT.

You could also possibly write a script to backup the data in individual tables by locking
the table and then 'selecting' out the data like in mysql.

Like I said, i'm not an expert in either mysql or postgresql and each dbms has its place..
Its just I would probably use postgresql for a more critical database.   Actually, if the
database is critical i'd be using oracle.

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