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From:Kieran Kelleher Date:March 3 2004 6:11pm
Subject:Question on root access
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Here is the user, host and password fields from one of my MySQL servers 
named TestServer

mysql> select user, host, password from user;
| user       | host       | password         |
| root       | localhost  | hekw8838hdd8938d |
| root       | TestServer |                  |
|            | localhost  |                  |
|            | TestServer |                  |
| root       | 192.%      | hekw8838hdd8938d |
6 rows in set (0.03 sec)

The first and last entries were created by me and are fine.

The 3rd and fourth are default entries which block everyone access (all 
the privileges are 'N' for those

But what about the second entry? I did not create it .... is it a 
security risk since it has no password? I tested it to be sure and 
cannot even log in on the local machine using the host parameter 

TestServer:~ admin$ mysql -u root -h TestServer -p
Enter password:
ERROR 2005: Unknown MySQL Server Host 'TestServer' (1)
TestServer:~ admin$

Does the mysql daemon use this particular one for access??

Kieran Kelleher
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Palm Harbor, FL 34684
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Question on root accessKieran Kelleher3 Mar
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