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From:Christian Mack Date:April 9 1999 7:24pm
Subject:Re: MetaData Layer Problem
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Mmm Ster UCI wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am writing a Java application which uses the EnterpriseSoft Report
> Writer to print reports (this is by no means a plug for their
> software) and on the backend I am using a JDBC driver
> ( to connect to our MySQL database.  I
> have encountered some problems reading tables from the database
> (although I can connect just fine) because of the following taken from
> the FAQ on EnterpriseSoft's Website:
> --------------
> I am able to connect to my database, but I cannot see any of the
> tables/columns. What could be wrong ?
>         1.If you are able to connect but are not able to read any
> tables/columns, make sure the username and password you are using are
>           correct and that you have the rights to read the
> tables/columns.
>         2.ERW heavily uses the MetaData layer to read database
> information. If your database/driver does not cleanly implement or
> support
>           the JDBC MetaData module, you may not see the table/column
> information. Usually when this happens, messages are displayed
>           either by the driver or the database letting you know about
> this. Check the console window for such messages and tell your
>           database administrator about them. You may need to upgrade
> your database or get different drivers.
> --------------
> My question to all you knowledgable people is... is there a way to
> implement this in MySQL (it works great with Access and SQL-Server)
> using a different driver (the use of myODBC would be a last result) or
> more updated driver which supports the JDBC MetaData module?  Has
> anyone else come across a similar problem trying to implement this
> with the ERW software or any other software?  Thanks in advance for
> any help!
> Josh Drummond

Hi Josh

Forget the gwe driver it isn't maintained for 1 3/4 years now and it is very very very
Instead use twz or mm driver can be found on the mysql home page.
They both have the DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData implemented.