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From:Marco Bresciani Date:March 3 2004 2:40pm
Subject:Table selection
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Hello all,
  I have a little problem to solve.
I have a "List" table that lists the tables contained in the same DB. This
table has a "Name" filed that contains such names.

My problem is that the filed doesn't contain the complete name of
the tables but it misses a "prestring". Say: a table is named "FXnnnn" but
the field contains "nnnn" only.

I have to create a query like:

SELECT * FROM [every table in] WHERE [condition]

but I cannot use "SELECT Name FROM List" to gain the names of the tables
because they all miss the "FX" string.

How can I create this kind of query? Something like:

SELECT * FROM ("FX" + SELECT Name FROM List) WHERE [condition]

I hope I was clear 'cause my English is not so good. Is there anyone who
can help me?

Thank you!

Marco Bresciani

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