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From:Victor Medina Date:March 3 2004 1:20pm
Subject:Re: Problems Installing
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Hi Marie!

OK, first of all, you "could" download a rpm package and have redhat rpm
system manage all the installation details for you, this one has a basic
advantage, using rpm system that comes with redhat you'll be eable to
centrally manage all your packages automatically, wich is very nice
thing to  have when being new. soooo....

Most Modern Linux distro do not use /usr/local at all, most of modern
Linux distros today are based on a new, better suited for today,
standard called LSB. Basically LSB says that all userland "programs"
should be placed under /usr, that is /usr/bin for normal userland
programs, commands and utilities. /usr/lib for libraries. /usr/include
for development files(such as .h files). /usr/libexec is used for many
misc things, this is where mysql server will store the mysql server
binary file (mysqld) since it doen't belong to "userland" cause it is a
server, a background service. /usr/local is considered deprecated, old
and is only there to keep compatibility with older stuff.

If you download and install a rpm package, the system will copy and
place your files automatically for you in the places where they should


if you have downloaded a rpm package (my recomendation) you can easilly
install it by issuing the following command:

rpm -i mysqlpackage-that-youdownloaded.rpm

One thing to note is that mysql has several packages, usually one has
the server binaries, that is, a package wich ONLY contains the server,
other is the "client" wich are needed to connect and manage the db. The
last package is de "devel" wich are ONLY needed if you intend to develop
software against the db server(for example develop a c app), otherwise
it is not needed.

Command line or gui? It's up to you. I personally like the mysql command
line client, i find it quite competent tool and having it to manage my
server in every platform is a plus. But if you want a nice GUI you can
equally try with any of the free tools available:


Those 3 are only a short example, i am pretty sure that if you ask for a
nice gui tool in the list you will get some others choices.

After installing the db you will need to configure it, but that's for
another mail, if you have problem with it just let us know =)

Best regards!

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 20:24, Marie Salas wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm very new to this Linux OS, and just downloaded MYSQL and I'm having a problem. 
> I downloaded your Mysql version Linux (x86, libc6) and once downloaded I was
> unpacking the files from "File-Roller" that was part of the Linux Redhat installation.
> When I went to extract the files and save in usr/local/ it gave me a message saying I
> don't have permission. I am a super user of this computer. I don't understand what the
> problem is. Also I'm confused about whether I should use the terminal or if I can do this
> with GUI??? The titorials I've read show the commands on how to install everything through
> the terminal.
> If you can offer any suggestion, I'd appreciate.
> Thanks,
> M.
> Marie Salas
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