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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 15 1999 9:34am
Subject:Re: Unable to jump to row 0
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At 10:09 AM +0200 10/15/99, Sébastien FERRANDEZ wrote:
>I am facing a warning problem for a program that a guy before me wrote :
>$ip=mysql($v, "select * from suggestions where page='$suggestion'");
>$ref[0]=mysql_result($ip,0,"ref1"); if($ref[0]!=""): $i=0;
>include("suggestions.php3"); endif;
>$ref[1]=mysql_result($ip,0,"ref2"); if($ref[1]!=""): $i=1;
>include("suggestions.php3"); endif;
>$ref[2]=mysql_result($ip,0,"ref3"); if($ref[2]!=""): $i=2;
>include("suggestions.php3"); endif;
>$ref[3]=mysql_result($ip,0,"ref4"); if($ref[3]!=""): $i=3;
>include("suggestions.php3"); endif;
>Message sent for each of  these lines : Warning: Unable to jump to row 0
>on MySQL result index
>Is it a compatibility problem due to downwards incompatibility problems
>in PHP 3.0.

This is more of a PHP question, but...

How many rows are there in the result set? You can check by sticking a

	echo mysql_num_rows($ip);

after the $ip=mysql(...); line. If the result is an empty set, I 
could see that error message being generated.

Now, it's hard to tell definitively from this code snippet, but I 
have a few suggestions.

(1) No error checking is apparent. I would do something like

	if ($ip) {
		$ref[0]=mysql_result($ip,0,"ref1"); if($ref[0]!=""): $i=0;
		include("suggestions.php3"); endif;


	} else {

		echo 'Database error: ', mysql_error();



(2) This code uses older forms of PHP mysql statements. See

for recommended - faster & more versatile - alternatives to 
mysql_result(), and mysql() has been superceded by mysql_db_query(). 
On the other hand, you might be using an old version of PHP (current 
version is 3.0.12).


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