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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 14 1999 10:07pm
Subject:UDF 3.23.4
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Farr <farrm@stripped>
> writes:

Michael> Are there any problems with UDFs in the latest releases of MySQL
> (MySQL-3.23.4-1).  A function called accum that was working fine is now crashing the
> database.  I forget but I think Monty wrote this one.  Please help, I don't want to have
> to drop back to an older release of MySQL ... is there anything wrong with the code or
> might I have forgotton something.
Michael> I updated the Devel libs etc (4 rpms) and recompiled it, then restarted mysql


Yes, UDF doesn't work on MYSQL 3.23 (I introduced accidently a bug
while adding a patch for UDF group functions).  This will be fixed in
MySQL 3.23.5.

Here is a patch for this for 3.23:

*** /my/monty/master/mysql-3.23.4-alpha/sql/        Thu Sep 23 01:53
:58 1999
--- ./      Tue Oct 12 02:33:04 1999
*** 955,960 ****
--- 955,961 ----
+   args=arguments;

    /* Fix all arguments */

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