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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 14 1999 9:36pm
Subject:Help - phpMyAdmin stopped working.
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>>>>> "Petras" == Petras Virzintas <petras@stripped> writes:

Petras> Hi, on a Linux Red Hat 6.0 server, I have just installed the latest MySQL
Petras> (3.23.4-alpha) using the RPM files and suddenly Apache(1.3.6) / phpMyAdmin
Petras> (2.0.4) no longer works, giving the following message:

Petras> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server (111)
Petras> in on line 119

Petras> I am still using my previous "mysql" database from MySQL version 3.22.22.
Petras> Has the authentication system changed?
Petras> My other php web pages still work fine. Please help.


Depending on your old installation, the place for the MySQL socket may 
have changed.  You can check this with 'mysqladmin variables'.  You
probably have to tell phpMyAdmin where the current socket is..

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