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From:A Z Date:February 25 2004 11:51am
Subject:Help is appreciated
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I am running Delphi 6 Ent. along with Corelab
technology to access MySQL 4.1.14.

We run into problem of table coruption (error: 127,
145) from time to time using the following SQLs.  This
is done in the transaction context.  Most of the time
it works fine but it does get into problem.  We have
tested it with simple insert and it seems to be
working fine.

We really appreciate your input.


Delete From Table1

INSERT INTO Table1 (Field1, Field2) SELECT a.Field1,
'2004-02-25' From Table2 a LEFT Join Table3 b ON
(a.Field1 = b.Field2) 
where a.Field4 = '0' and a.Field5 = '0' and a.Field6
<= '2004-02-25'
and a.Field7 Like 'ABC%' and b.Field1 = 'FF'


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Help is appreciatedA Z25 Feb
  • Re: Help is appreciatedSasha Pachev25 Feb