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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 14 1999 6:36pm
Subject:auto_increment logging problem
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>>>>> "web" == web  <web@stripped> writes:

web> Hi,
web> using mysql 3.23.4 I am having a problem with the update log and
web> auto_increment.  This problem didn't happen with 3.22.x as the
web> auto_increment is handled differently!

web> I have a master database and several slave databases.  Say I have to
web> recreate an index file on one of the slaves for a table with an
web> auto_increment field; this resets the auto_increment counter in the MYI file
web> to 0.

web> When I use the update log to sync the databases, it breaks with duplicate
web> keys.  This is because the update logging as it is now doesn't do:

web> SET insert_id=nnn

web> It only does: SET last_insert_id=nnn.  This doesn't affect the
web> auto_increment value used for inserts!

web> This makes replication a pain as I have to manually set the auto_increment
web> value in the slave table.

web> Please add SET insert_id=nnn to the update logging!

web> Jason


Start MySQL with --log-long-format.

The reason for not always saving the last_insert_value is that
normally you don't need the last_insert_id in the update log to
restore a table.

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