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From:Chris Fossenier Date:February 20 2004 10:53pm
Subject:RE: White Space
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Thanks for the posts folks. Right after I posted I re-wrote my parser to use
~ for commas and ^ for quotes. It seems to be working. I didn't want to say
I was doing that because it seemed kinda "hack" >:).

I'm not in favor of running TRIM() functions due to the overhead with so
many records.

We'll see if this modification works for all 120million. So far it worked
for a 6mill sample.



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Another option is to use | instead of commas.  Unless you have pipes in your
file.  :)


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> In the last episode (Feb 20), Chris Fossenier said:
> > What is the best way to deal with white space in a mysql database?
> >
> > What I'm talking about is trailing spaces in larger fields. We 
> > receive data in fixed width format, so when you import it, you get a 
> > bunch of trailing white spaces that take up space. Multiply these 
> > white spaces by 120million records and it adds up.
> If you use VARCHAR fields, mysql will automatically strip trailing 
> whitespace.  If you use CHAR fields, stripping space won't help you 
> since it's a fixed-width field :)
> If you need leading and trailing space stripped, you can postprocess 
> the field with the TRIM() function.
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