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From:Chris Fossenier Date:February 20 2004 8:45pm
Subject:White Space
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What is the best way to deal with white space in a mysql database?
What I'm talking about is trailing spaces in larger fields. We receive data
in fixed width format, so when you import it, you get a bunch of trailing
white spaces that take up space. Multiply these white spaces by 120million
records and it adds up.
I wrote a C program to parse out the file and eliminate white space and put
the data into a comma-delimited format. Now I have a new problem. I think
that there are some commas in the data and that is resulting in an
innacurate load (the commas in the data through off the LOAD INFILE command
I'm guessing).
So..if I stick with the fixed field, my load gets all records but I get a
bunch of extra data in the form of spaces.
if I parse the file and put it into comma-delimited, I miss some data
because of commas in the data.
Any tips are appreciated.

White SpaceChris Fossenier20 Feb
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