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From:Nick Gaugler Date:February 11 2004 11:12pm
Subject:RE: FreeBSD 4.9 + MySQL 4.0 + LinuxThreads
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Interesting idea, but I should be ok.  I don't plan to have large amounts of
MySQL threads.  I just had FreeBSD setup to allow 2GB of memory per process
because of memcached which I also plan to run on this server.  I just
compiled it to a little under 2GB and MySQL ran fine, it was just hard to
track down at first because the manually compiled version of MySQL didn't
give me near the details the binary version did.



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Subject: Re: FreeBSD 4.9 + MySQL 4.0 + LinuxThreads

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 02:00:46AM -0500, Nick wrote:
> Alas, when I tried the binary version, it gave me an error that google
> helped link me to the following:
> Fatal error 'Can't create gc thread' at line ? in file
> /usr/src/lib/libc_r/uthread/uthread_create.c (errno = ?)
> mysqld got signal 6;
> Apparently you have to keep the MAXDSIZ below 2GB for FreeBSD to create
> threads.  Maybe I'll submit something for the docs people to update to
> include this, since a recompile and reboot now prove all installs work
> properly.

Yes, it's a byproduct of the memory map that FreeBSD sets up.  With
that out of the way, you should find it to be quite solid.

Another trick we've used is to recompile LinuxThreads with a smaller
thred stack.  It's only necessary if you expect to have LOTS of
concurrent connections.

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