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From:Ligaya Turmelle Date:February 11 2004 2:14am
Subject:RE: Connect to MySQL via PHP
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I have never done this but...
Go to your php.ini file and see if changing the [MySQL] mysql.default_host =
is set to the database.

Ligaya Turmelle

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From: Eric W. Holzapfel [mailto:eholz1@stripped]
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 12:00 PM
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Subject: Connect to MySQL via PHP

Hello Listers,

I have a  problem with my PHP/redhat setup, and possible problem with my
Mysql setup.
I have Apache (2.0) and PHP (4.3.2) installed on a Red Hat 3.0 ES system.
I have MySql installed on a Slackware linux box.

I want to be able to use Apache/PHP to connect to the mysql database on
the slackware box.
I "think" that PHP is set up ok, which may be  a lie, because PHP says
it does not recognize the commands like -  mysql_pconnect and mysql_connect.

Also if I try to connect to the database using something like this:
 mysql://user,passwrd@slackhost demodb this fails and the "or die
getMessage()" returns
DB: no such database.  (I am trying to use the Pear DB here)

Do I need to have mysql installed on the red hat machine?
I can connect to the slackware linux box from a Windows machine using ODBC.

Any ideas on what I have not done, or what I have done wrong?


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