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From:Linus Nikander Date:February 10 2004 1:31pm
Subject:Autocolumn and pk
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I'm pretty new to mySQL so there might be an easy way of solving this

Is there a way to create something akin to an Oracle Sequence in mySQL ?

I know of the autonumber feature. The problem is that the table that will be
using the key won't actually be using it as a unique pk. The pk will instead
consist of the autonumber + the value of another column. Thus, using
autonumber on a column of the target table isn't really an option.

I can think of one way of solving it. I could create a table with a single
autonumber column for the sole purpose of generating the numbers (when i
need them). That is going to clutter up my tables in the long run though,
and isn't really something I want to do. Is that the only viable solution,
or is there some functionality that I don't know of which does it better ?

//Linus Nikander - linus@stripped

Autocolumn and pkLinus Nikander10 Feb