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From:Martijn Tonies Date:February 6 2004 10:18pm
Subject:Re: A challenge I think
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> Using MySQL 4x
> I have two tables
> Lists and members
> Now for every list that a member is a member of there is  list ID in the
> members table so to query a members lists I would do the following
> SELECT members.EmailAddr, members.ListID
> FROM members INNER JOIN lists ON members.ListID = lists.ListID
> WHERE (((members.EmailAddr)="john_berman@stripped"));

Loose the parenthesis - no need.

> So I get say
> John_berman@blueyonder 3
> John_berman@blueyonder 2
> John_berman@blueyonder 44
> And it works fine, but now I want to find which lists I'm not a member of
> and would appreciate some help.

select l.listid from lists l where l.listid not in (select m.listid from
members m
where m.emailaddr = 'john_berman@stripped')

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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