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From:David Blomstrom Date:February 5 2004 12:32pm
Subject:Can you recommend any good tutorials for MySQL with Dreamweaver/Windows XP?
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I recently installed MySQL on my computer and finally
figured out how to create tables (using a trial
version of EMS MySQL Manager). 

Today, I used a tutorial at
which helped me connect Dreamweaver to a MySQL
database. I also performed a few other functions,
which I don't fully understand yet. The tutorial ends
by suggesting I continue with some other Dreamweaver

However, I haven't yet tracked down any good
tutorials. Most cover what I've already accomplished
or stuff that's way too advanced or esoteric.

I purchased a book about PHP and MySQL, but I'm not
finding it much help. I'd rather learn by actually
doing it - if there are any good tutorials available.
My next goal is to actually view a MySQL table on one
of my webpages, then get it to work on the Internet.

So, are you aware of any tutorials that might be
appropriate for me? I'm on a Windows XP platform and
am using Dreamweaver. I have phpMyAdmin and EMS MySQL


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Can you recommend any good tutorials for MySQL with Dreamweaver/Windows XP?David Blomstrom5 Feb
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