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From:Tofu Optimist Date:February 5 2004 10:53am
Subject:INNODB beginner question
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Hi --

I'm still relatively new to MySql.

I'm using InnoDB tables and foreign keys.

When I set up the databases, I recall assigning
a few large fixed-size files to the InnoDB engine for 
data (and I think) logs.

I've been adding data to my databases daily and wish
to know how full they are, and what is the process
for extending the disk space allotted to them, should
they need it.

I do need to deal with the larger issue of rolling
historic data out of the database, summarizing it, and
stashing it in longer-term storage, but that's an
problem for later.

Right now I'm just curious how full are the DBs
and when will it run out of space.

Thanks for any pointers or advice --


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INNODB beginner questionTofu Optimist5 Feb
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