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From:Bill Easton Date:February 4 2004 2:35pm
Subject:MyISAM Table Corruption
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By Murphy's law, they WILL get corrupted if you don't have a
backup.  You need a current backup, or you need an older
backup and a way to redo the updates.

That said, if you do a FLUSH TABLES after your update, then
corruption is unlikely--no more likely than for any other OS file.

After an update to a MyISAM table and before doing a FLUSH 
TABLES, you can easily get corruption on, say, a power
failure.  (This is observed behavior, despite a claim
in the manual that the data are written to disk after
the update statement.  The data file is incompletely
written, so myisamchk doesn't recover it.)

> From: "Hassan Shaikh" <hassan@stripped>
> To: "MySQL List" <mysql@stripped>
> Subject: MyISAM Table Corruption
> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 12:50:29 +0400

> What are the chances of MyISAM tables corruption when the table is
> update rarely? (Once in a 60+ days). It's basically a lookup table
> used mainly in SELECT statements.

> Thanks.

> Hassan

MyISAM Table CorruptionBill Easton4 Feb