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From:Catalist Solutions Date:February 4 2004 9:03am
Subject:Downloading/Exporting delimited text files
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I hope someone can point us in the right direction.

We have built up a database of over 2 million part numbers applicable to the horticultural
machinery trade.

This is held on our website in a MySQL database and subscribers can do all sorts of
searches by manufacturer or part number or description, whatever. It all works well having
used Dreamweaver to generate the various web pages.

We now want to allow them to download a tab delimited text file for importing into their
own standard spreadsheets and databases (unlikely to be MySQL).

We are struggling with this as there don't appear to be any Macromedia Extensions which
will allow us to do this within DreamWeaver.

Will we have to use PHP in order to achieve this task? PHPAdmin allows us to do the above
but we don't want our subscribers to use PHPAdmin, we want them to just click buttons on a
web page.

Any comments anyone?

Thanks and regards,

Bernard Norrie
Catalist Solutions Ltd.

Downloading/Exporting delimited text filesCatalist Solutions4 Feb
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