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From:Thimble Smith Date:October 13 1999 12:58am
Subject:Re: [Fwd: Re: Theroetical filesystem]
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At 03:19, 19991013, Johan Isacsson wrote:
>Oh, so there's no way i can select all dirs all the way up to where parent
>is null without knowing the depth? I was figuring i could use something
>like a LEFT JOIN or something but as i said earlier, i dont know very much
>about anything else than straight joins...
>Problem with adding a depth field is that if i want to move a dir (change
>parent) i'd need to update the depth for that record and for all records
>that have it as parent...

For a full discussion about this, look for "tree" in the mysql mailing
list.  We had a long talk about it.  Basically, it is on the TODO list,
but not urgent.  So you have to hack around it either in your database
structure or in your host program.

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