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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 10:45pm
Subject:Corrupted ".isd" & ".ism" files - NEED HELP!
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>>>>> "Vaughn" == Vaughn Baker <vbaker@stripped> writes:

Vaughn> Hi all,
Vaughn> I DESPERATELY  . . . need help finding someone who has the ability to repair
Vaughn> corrupt ".isd" and "ism files within MySQL.  I have attempted to run
Vaughn> "isamchk -r" and "isamchk -ro" on the table name but receive the following
Vaughn> error:

Vaughn> "isamchk:  error:  Can't create new temp file:  'users.tmd'  ISAM-table
Vaughn> 'uers.ism' is not fixed because of errors"

Vaughn> I receive the same error message when I attempt to run "isamchk" on the
Vaughn> ".isd" file.  What I am looking for is someone who has the ability to repair
Vaughn> corrupt files without truncating the data records within.  If you can help
Vaughn> or know of somebody that can help please contact me and let me know what
Vaughn> "hoops" that I need to jump through to get these files repaired.  Other than
Vaughn> having the files repaired I know of no other options.  THANKS IN ADVANCE!
Vaughn> :-)

Start by taking an backup.

You can find information about the MySQL license prices and the MySQL
support levels at

(Just kidding, but you did send the mail directly to me and because of 
this I assume you want to know how to get support :)


isamchk -r -f uers

The output from isamchk --help should also be very useful.

Corrupted ".isd" & ".ism" files - NEED HELP!Vaughn Baker12 Oct
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