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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 10:02pm
Subject:Re: Problems Creating a new user
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>>>>> "Thimble" == Thimble Smith <tim@stripped> writes:

Thimble> At 19:50, 19991012, Michael Widenius wrote:
>>>>>>> "Per" == Per Reedtz Thomsen <pthomsen@stripped>
> writes:
Per> grant all priviliges on *.* to pthomsen identified by
Per> 'password' with grant option;
>> This means that you will insert an entry with host='%' to the MySQL
>> user table.  The problem is that the entry 'host=localhost' and
>> 'user='' is more specific than the above.

Thimble> Monty, what would it take to have MySQL warn about this when you add
Thimble> the entry?  I don't know how the warning could be displayed, or where
Thimble> it would be triggered.  But it seems easy enough to tell if there are
Thimble> user@host entries that will never be used because there are anonymous
Thimble> user entries that are shadowing them.  Maybe adding it to mysqlaccess
Thimble> would be good (except I don't think most people use mysqlaccess, for
Thimble> some reason).  Maybe it's already in mysqlaccess (I don't use it, for
Thimble> some reason, too).


Note that the entry will be used if you log in from some other computer than
localhost!  This makes it much harder to give an warning.

One could of course give an warning if there is any entry in the user
table that is not fully specified, but I don't know how useful this
would be.

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