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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 9:59pm
Subject:Re: Table corruption
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Ellerbrock <richarde@stripped> writes:


>> Also, try other options, like -o, -e with myisamchk.

Richard> Yep, did both. Also shut the server down last night and did a check - same
> story. A -e finds no errors, but when I do an insert or delete, the indexes become
> corrupt.

If -e doesn't find an error, then your table is correct!  It's some
bug in the insert/delete code that causes this.

Richard> I now want to recreate a temporary table and insert all the records from the
> old table into the new one to see what happens.

This will not help.

Richard> Next, I will start checking my library versions. Any pointers here will be
> most helpful.

The only way to get this fixed is to create a repatable testcase and then give
someone that can debug MyISAM access to the MySQL source and the
testcase to fix this.  I am willing to do this if you can get me a
copy of your tables or access to your computer!

Note that one would need a backup of a table that are ok (according to 
isamchk) and a update log which can be used to corrupt the table as
follows: "mysql < update.log".  You can find more information about
this in the MySQL manual, section:  'Debugging a MySQL server'.

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