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From:Thimble Smith Date:October 12 1999 6:13pm
Subject:Re: Problems Creating a new user
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At 19:50, 19991012, Michael Widenius wrote:
>>>>>> "Per" == Per Reedtz Thomsen <pthomsen@stripped>
> writes:
>Per>      grant all priviliges on *.* to pthomsen identified by
>Per>      'password' with grant option;
>This means that you will insert an entry with host='%' to the MySQL
>user table.  The problem is that the entry 'host=localhost' and
>'user='' is more specific than the above.

Monty, what would it take to have MySQL warn about this when you add
the entry?  I don't know how the warning could be displayed, or where
it would be triggered.  But it seems easy enough to tell if there are
user@host entries that will never be used because there are anonymous
user entries that are shadowing them.  Maybe adding it to mysqlaccess
would be good (except I don't think most people use mysqlaccess, for
some reason).  Maybe it's already in mysqlaccess (I don't use it, for
some reason, too).

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