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From:John McCaskey Date:January 27 2004 4:02pm
Subject:RE: updates on slave server??
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The updates on the slave will not syncronize to the master if you have a one
direction master->slave relationship setup.  It is possible however to setup
each server as a master and as a slave so that server 1 is the master for
server 2 and server 2 is the master for server 1.  Then queries will
propogate in both directions.  This may be what you are looking for.  

If you setup such bi-directional replication and you are executing queries
at the same time on both servers you need to be careful about things like
auto-index collumns getting out of sync and causing conflicts due to the
latency in replication.

John A. McCaskey

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Subject: updates on slave server?? 


I found today that some data on slave server were different than on master 
server. I don't know how that can happen. Slave server was running, "show 
slave statu"s show no errors

If I make some updates on slave server. Does this updates will be reflected 
master server? Or slave cannot synchronize master server?


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