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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 1:49pm
Subject:Table corruption
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Ellerbrock <richarde@stripped> writes:

Richard> I have been inserting records without a problem into my one table for months
> now, without any problems. Until now!
Richard> My table contains just over 3mil rows and is growing. When I do an insert, I
> get the following error (which is not described in the manual)

Richard> ERROR 1034: Incorrect key file for table: 'email'. Try to repair it

Richard> So I run a repair which fixes the table just fine. My procedure is as
> follows:

Richard> mysqladmin flush-tables 
Richard> myisamchk -r table

Richard> I cannot take the entire database down as the check takes around an hour and
> other databases are in use. The table that I am checking will NOT be accessed during the
> check.

Richard> I do the same insert again, same error and the table is corrupt again. Does
> anybody know of table corruption with certain size tables?

Richard> I am using myisamchk on 3.23.3 with the sum patch applied. The table type is
> myisam.

Richard> Do I need to go to step 3 in the recipe in the manual (ie recreating the files
> from scratch). I do not quite understand step no. 3.


What happens if you do the following:

myisamchk -r table
myisamchk table

to be sure, run 'mysqladmin flush-tables' a second time before trying
to query the table with mysql.

If the second myisamchk doesn't report any errors than the table is
ok and you have found a bug in the MyISAM key handling.  In this case
I would be VERY interested in looking at a file that is correct but
gets corrupted when you insert something into it.  Any change you can
get us access to a table, that passes the myisamchk test + an update log that
when you execute it corrupts the table?  If you can do this, I will
try to fix this ASAP.

By the way, what does 'myisamchk table' and 'myisamchk -dvv table'
report about the corrupted table?


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