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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 2:00pm
Subject:ISAPI authentication filter with MySQL
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>>>>> "Patrice" == Patrice Bulat <bulat@stripped> writes:

Patrice> Hello,
Patrice> I have been using for months an ISAPI Authentication Filter using a text
Patrice> database on my IIS 2.0 web server, and it ran well. Now I'm trying to let
Patrice> it authenticate through a MySQL user database, using C API, but it does not
Patrice> work : the server crashes at the first request. In fact, it seems the
Patrice> filter can't load the libmysql.dll though it is in the filter directory,
Patrice> and also in the Win NT system directory. Did anyone of you succeed in doing
Patrice> such an isapi authentication filter work ?
Patrice> Here is the technical stuff : I'm compiling with VC++ 4.2 , using the ISAPI
Patrice> Filter wizard. I've put the path to the authentication dll in the registry
Patrice> as needed, separated with a comma from the default authentication dll. The
Patrice> libmysql.dll is in the same directory as the filter dll. When I restart the
Patrice> server, it looks fine, but at the first request it crashes. One log shows
Patrice> it crashes while executing the mysql_connect() command. In the Win NT Event
Patrice> Log, there's something about error 0000007e, but I couldn't figure out what
Patrice> this error code means. The MySQL server is on the same machine and runs ok.
Patrice> I guess the filter can't load the libmysql.dll for any reason...
Patrice> If you have any idea, please send a copy to bulat@stripped.


Try changing the compile options to use 'multi-threading'.

Did you get the libmysqltest example to work with our compiler.  The
compiler we have used to create the libmysqlclient.dll was VC++6.0;
There could be some conflict with this and your VC++ version...

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