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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 21 2004 7:09pm
Subject:Re: char count
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At 12:17 PM -0600 1/21/04, Joseph S Brunzelle wrote:
>I'm try to write a query that will return the number of times a specified
>character appears in a string (I want known how many times the character "M"
>appears), but I cannot seem to figure out how to do that.  The select
>statement is the following:
>SELECT structure_aa_sequence from structure where apc_id="APC1114";
>and this will return the following:
>| structure_aa_seq                                                     |

Well, this query should do it, but I suspect it's too inefficient to 
run on a regular basis:

from structure;

I just replace the character of interest with 2 characters (in the 
query; it doesn't affect the database), and check the length 

To use the counts on a regular basis, it's probably easier to count 
them when you insert or update the record, and store those values in 
a separate column. That's what I ended up doing on a few genetics 
databases I was working on, anyway -


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