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From:m.harris Date:January 21 2004 5:59pm
Subject:RE: Shared Physical Database Question
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The one major design spec, my management has requested, is lack of TCP/IP
connectivity between the two servers using the data.  One network is
completely isolated from the outside world/internet, however we are trying
to find a secure way to allow outside users to query historical data that
currently resides on the isolated network.


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In the last episode (Jan 19), m.harris@stripped said:
> Could someone please tell me if tyhe following is possible or if a
> accomplishing the same thing is available?
> I would like to build a database using two MySQL servers accessing
> the same physical file on a common Drive attached to each computer
> via a SAN.  Can this be done or is there data integrity issues and
> database file locking issues?.  Our main goal is to provide the data
> gathered on a secure network and allow it to be seen on an insecure
> network.  I do understand that this can be accomplished using
> firewalls and other networking tools, but our management has been
> very firm in their insistence that a user has no direct network
> access to our internal/secure LAN.

You might want to check out replication, so that you can push a
read-only copy of the tables to a mysqld running on the web server.

	Dan Nelson
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