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From:Patrick Shoaf Date:January 21 2004 5:39pm
Subject:Re: Shared Physical Database Question
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As to the direct question of two servers accessing the same file via SAN, I 
don't know.  But here is an option we are using.

I have two Linux Servers, a Web Server & and SQL server. Our web server 
resides on both the internal & external networks (two nics), with some 
firewall software installed (IPTables).  The outside network accesses the 
webserver and the webserver accesses the SQL server.  Therefore no one on 
the outside can directly access the internal network & the SQL 
server.  Anyone using a SQL GUI interface or and scripting language would 
not have direct access to the SQL server.  They would need to access the 
webserver which has programs on that allows limited in-direct access to the 
SQL server.  Hope this helps.

Patrick Shoaf
IT Manager

At 02:41 PM 1/19/2004, m.harris@stripped wrote:
>Could someone please tell me if tyhe following is possible or if a solution
>accomplishing the same thing is available?
>I would like to build a database using two MySQL servers accessing the same
>physical file on a common Drive attached to each computer via a SAN.  Can
>this be done or is there data integrity issues and database file locking
>issues?.  Our main goal is to provide the data gathered on a secure network
>and allow it to be seen on an insecure network.  I do understand that this
>can be accomplished using firewalls and other networking tools, but our
>management has been very firm in their insistence that a user has no direct
>network access to our internal/secure LAN.
>Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
>Matthew Harris
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