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From:Nicholas Date:January 20 2004 8:28pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Server Question
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Ok, thanks for the info.  As I said below I am using 
Mac OSX version 10.1.5 which has been patched numerous times 
from the apple web site.  I don't need to speed anything up 
on my ibook since the database I am going to create is not 
going to be used by multiple users.  


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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:20:33 -0500
Subject: Re: MySQL Server Question

I'm running on 10.2.8 just fine.  I hear panther speeds up the ibooks. <br>But that
is just what I read.<br><br><br>On Tuesday, January 20, 2004, at 03:16 
PM, Nicholas wrote:<br><br>><br>> Hello
Everyone,<br>><br>> I downloaded and installed the<br>>
mysql-standard-4.0.17-apple-darwin6.8-powerpc.dmg<br>> file from the mysql web
site to my ibook running<br>> Mac OSX Version 10.1.5 on
it.<br>><br>> I read the documentation on the mysql site and
it<br>> said to do the following next:<br>><br>> shell> cd
/usr/local/mysql<br>> shell> sudo ./bin/mysqld_safe<br>> (Enter your
password, if necessary)<br>><br>> The server started running at this
point but less then<br>> one second later, the server killed itself. I
looked<br>> at the localhost.err file in the /usr/local/mysql/data<br>>
directory and it had the following text in it:<br>><br>> 040117 10:35:09
mysqld started<br>> dyld: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld Undefined
symbols:<br>> /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqld undefined reference to
_localtime_r<br>> expected to be defined in
/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib<br>> 040117 10:35:10 mysqld
ended<br>><br>> Has anyone else experienced this problem on their
Mac?<br>> Does anyone know how I can correct this
issue?<br>><br>> I know that my version of OSX is a little
old<br>> as far as the mysql web site documentation says but<br>> the
installation process went smoothly without any<br>> errors at all coming
up.<br>><br>> Any help on this matter would be greatly
appreciated.<br>><br>> Thanks in advance.<br>><br>>
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