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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 12 1999 8:27am
Subject:Re: MYSQL Questions (Very Important)
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At 12:42 AM -0500 10/12/99, Steve Brown wrote:
>Does MYSQL support File Maker Pro databases?  Could someone please 
>call me or e-mail me.  Thanks...
>972-226-3916 or brownmmm@stripped
Well, not can always make a connection with ODBC, if 
Filemaker  supports it (I think old versions didn't, but the mew FM 
5.0 might). Or, you can create an intermediate text file - comma, 
separated, tab separated, or whatever - and import it into your 
target database.

What exactly do you mean 'support F-M-Pro databases', anyway? Tell us 
what you're trying to do!


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