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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 3:00am
Subject:Need/Cant find
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>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Cox <webmaster@stripped> writes:

Thomas> Hey there

Thomas> My server does not have the file on
Thomas> it and my host says that they do not have the
Thomas> file.  The php we have written for my site
Thomas> requires this file.  I think it is in the
Thomas> Msql-Mysql-modules distribution but I have
Thomas> no idea where to get it or  I need
Thomas> it for SunOS.  Anyone who can help please
Thomas> email me at thomas@stripped

Thomas> my host has said if I can get the file
Thomas> in source they will compile it for me
Thomas> but I think i just need the file.


Get the mysql source distribution and compile it as follows:

./configure --without-server --prefix=/usr/local/mysql
make install

This will produce a file in

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  • Need/Cant find mysql.soMichael Widenius12 Oct