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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 2:23am
Subject:sessions table gets currupted
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>>>>> "miso" == miso  <miso@stripped> writes:

miso> Hello,
miso> One of my table gets corrupted very often, like once a week.
miso> I am not really sure what is causing it. The table is used
miso> for storing sessions information by a mod_perl script. It is
miso> really heavily accessed. New sessions are created and
miso> expired sessions are deleted all the time.

miso> Here's the create statement for the table.

miso> # Server version        3.22.20a

miso> CREATE TABLE sessions (
miso>   id varchar(16) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
miso>   length int(11),
miso>   a_session text,
miso>   a_time timestamp(14),
miso>   PRIMARY KEY (id),
miso> );

miso> The 'a_session' column contains Perl objects that are
miso> created by Storable::freeze() - basically they are chunks of
miso> binary data.

miso> I am wondering how I could prevent the corruptions. Running
miso> isamchk on it every night? Drop the table and recreate it
miso> once a day? What is causing the corruption - is it maybe the
miso> fact that data in TEXT coulm gets fragemnted? Any help would
miso> be appreceated!


A table should NOT normally get corrupted;  If it does you have a
problem that should be fixed !

I would suggest you first try to upgrade to 3.22.27;  If this doesn't
help, try follow the instructions in the MySQL manual in the section
'Debugging a MySQL server'.  This describes how you can make an
repeatable example of your problem.  Anything that is repeatable can
usually be fixed very easily!

It would also had helped a lot if you had included information about
what isamchk says about the table and what information you have in
your 'hostname'.err file.


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