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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 12 1999 1:27am
Subject:Re: MySQL Capacity
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>>>>> "Yohanes" == Yohanes Santoso <ysantoso@jenny enusa net>
> <ysantoso@stripped> writes:

Yohanes> 	Hi,
Yohanes> 	Right now, we have almost 60 millions row in a table. So far MySQL is doing
> great. However, in a couple of months, once our research project is approved, we are going
> to store way more than 60 millions row. Looking at the stat from myisamchk below, I don't
> think there will be any problem on data file length. 
Yohanes> 	But I am concerned about the max index file size. Right now, the only thing
> indexed is the auto-incremented primary key. We are planning to have more columns indexed.
> What if we needs more than 17G of index? Will there be a way to change the max index size
> later, or should we be ready to separate the data into more than one table?

Yohanes> Thanks,
Yohanes> YS.

Yohanes> ai20:~/var/rts>myisamchk -dvi queue.MYI

Yohanes> MyISAM file:         queue.MYI
Yohanes> Record format:       Packed
Yohanes> File-version:        1
Yohanes> Creation time:       1999-10-05  9:24:14
Yohanes> Status:              open
Yohanes> Auto increment key:              1  Last value:              56293811
Yohanes> Data records:             56293811  Deleted blocks:                 0
Yohanes> Datafile parts:           56293811  Deleted data:                   0
Yohanes> Datafile pointer (bytes):        6  Keyfile pointer (bytes):        3
Yohanes> Datafile length:        4920206844  Keyfile length:         851499008
Yohanes> Max datafile length: 281474976710654  Max keyfile length:   17179868159
Yohanes> Recordlength:                  263

Yohanes> table description:
Yohanes> Key Start Len Index   Type                     Rec/key         Root 
> Blocksize
Yohanes> 1   1     4   unique  unsigned long                  1    234540032      
> 1024


When creating a table, MYSQL calculates how big data file pointer and
key file pointer it will need to satisify the create parameters.

Both the Datafile pointer and the keyfile pointer may be up to 7
bytes long (which should be enough for at least a while).

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