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From:Harmony Date:April 9 1999 9:16am
Subject:Different login forms for different users
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Hi, I installed PHPLIB successfully on my linux box.

I have questions, however.

I have 2 (or more later) user tables (usersA & usersB) 
in my database.  They can have the same usernames and 
they access different areas (areaA & areaB) of web pages.

Before installing PHPLIB, authentication is made by
checking username/password suppied by users against
those in the corresponding table. i.e. Username/password
for visitors of areaA will be checking against table

After installed PHPLIB, I wonder how I should do that.

Should I also insert/update/delete the username/password 
in table "auth_user" while insert/update/delete my user
tables (not only holding username/password but also other
information such as name,contact,addr..etc)?

Should I use a different auth_user tables for users in
usersA and usersB?  How is this done?  How about username

There seems to be only one login form (loginform.ihtml) 
available in  Does that mean I cannot use
different login screen for different areas of web pages?
Or I have to include different in for pages
with different login screen?

I have the right to redesign my whole database in order
to make best use of the PHP/PHPLIB thing...

Please help. 


Different login forms for different usersHarmony9 Apr
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