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From:Hans van Dalen Date:January 15 2004 2:21pm
Subject:Re: blacklist
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After posting a message you get some more messages of mailservers around 
the world which are not accepting your message (send to the list). So there 
a lot of people who aren't receiving this mail because there server is 
checking spamcop. I don't know you can contact spamcop to ask to delete the 
ip of the maillist in there listings... Spend some surfing on it...


At 15:02 15-1-2004, you wrote:
>Stefaan Van Dooren wrote:
>>Since some days I don't get any mail from this list anymore.
>>After some investigation, I found that it's blacklisted and our mailserver
>>refuses any mail from it.
>>   DNSBL/WARNING: IP is listed
>>Can this be fixed ?
>Yes. Ask your mail admin.
>I don't get it
>immigrants don't work
>and steal our jobs
>     - Loesje
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